Thursday, 25 June 2009

How do you solve a AG_E_PARSER_ BAD_TYPE error in Silverlight

For those developing Silverlight applications, you might be familiar with the error 'AG_E_PARSER_ BAD_TYPE'. This can occur both at design time or run time. It is one of those error messages that covers a multitude of sins and therefore proves hard to track down.

I recently got this error whilst developing a demo application to show off data binding in Silverlight 2. As is often the case, I had no idea why I was getting the error. In fact, I spent several hours on the net looking for the answer.

Many developers will identify with the '5 hours spent on a single error' experience.

Every post that I found described a different scenario and not one of them related to my situation. It was getting late and the Heineken family and I were getting pretty fed up with the whole thing.

In the end, I did what I always do when I hit a brick wall; I did something else to calm down. As this was to be a demo application and therefore viewed by many critical developers I set about tidying up the code.

Half an hour later I was ready to shut down and have a night cap when I hit F5 by reflex and "Crikey !" it worked.

So now I had the task of figuring out what I had done to make the error go away. I could have just left it alone but I was likely to see the error again one day and wanted to be prepared.

Luckily, the Heinekens were still around to keep me company and 10 minutes later I had the answer. Any longer and I would have had to call room service!

Now, I knew that the error was data related. This was a data binding demo application after all.

My error turned out to be related to my namespaces.

I had a namespace called SilverlightData and another nested within it called SilverlightData.DataClasses.

At different stages, I was using a class from one of these namepaces. And in the same way that I would happily leave multiple usings or imports at the top of a code file, I didn't see a problem with my namespace declarations in the xaml file.


During my tidy up, I removed the namespace declaration for SilverlightData as I was no longer using a class from there.

Hey presto ! Problem solved.

Now I am not sure if that was because there were no classes in SilverlightData in use in the current xaml file or that I was simply allowed one clr namespace. Neither sounds convincing. Perhaps you cannot declare nested namespaces ?

Either way, it was late by this point and dawn was close at hand.

I went to bed.

So if you encounter a AG_E_PARSER_ BAD_TYPE error in your Silverlight application and trawl the net in search of a solution, perhaps you will hit this page. Who knows, maybe this will help you solve the problem.

Then again it could be something else entirely.

Happy coding.


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See you soon

Phil Stirpé
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