Friday, 9 April 2010

The best Visual Studio editor feature ever!

In my last post I showed you some of the great features that have been added to the Visual Studio 2010 editor such as Quick Search and Visualisation.

All were great aids to productivity.

However they were small fry compared to the subject of this post.

How many times have you opened up Visual Studio and loaded a project only to struggle to read the code as it is too small ? So before you start, you open up Tool / Options / Fonts and Colors and change the font to suit.

Now this is no great hardship as you might do this a couple of times a day (unless you have configured it as a default) but it does take a couple of seconds to load.
I have to admit a bias at this point as I spend a great deal of my time demonstrating something in Visual Studio and am forever having to increase the font size so delegates can read the code. As the computer I use might vary by day or even session, I cannot simply set the font size as a default and so the first demo invariably includes me increasing the font size.
So here it is. The best Visual Studio code editor feature ever!
Other products have had it for quite some time and now Visual Studio 2010 has it too.
Ready ?
Open up your project and place yourself in a code window.
Now then. Hold down the Ctrl key and start rolling your mouse wheel.

Weyhey! How great is that ?
I love it !

See you soon

Phil Stirpé
"I don't do average!"


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