Friday, 7 May 2010

Silverlight 4 Presentation in Johannesburg

This week I had the great pleasure to present a Silverlight 4 seminar at Microsoft in Johannesburg, South Africa. And I do mean great pleasure!

The room was packed so there must have been over 200 people in there and I had a blast.

I was pretty jet lagged but a room full of eager and friendly faces kept me going.

Sometimes presenting can be a one way experience and pretty soul destroying as a result.

From the outset, this crowd fired question after question at me.

Honestly, I could have carried on for hours beyond the scheduled 4.40pm finish.

As it was, I left the room at 6pm!

Thank you Johannesburg. I had a great time.

By the way. Thank you for laughing at all of my jokes. Even the ones that I didn't even realise were jokes!

Can we do it again soon ?

If you were there, you will know that I gave away 5 copies of Expression Studio 3.  

Rather than pose technical questions, I stuck to film trivia  questions.

If you weren't there, try your luck:

  • What was the most expensive black and white movie ever made?
  • From what film comes the line "Be afraid. Be very afraid!"?
  • What character does Donald Sutherland play in Kelly's Heroes?
  • What film has the line "You had me at 'hello'"?

The last copy went to whoever guessed my date of birth.

Many thanks to my wonderful hosts: Ahmed Salijee and Kath Roderick ‎of Microsoft (South Africa).

Finally. I had several requests for a copy of my first slide deck which gives an overview of Silverlight and the anatomy of a Silverlight application.

I have uploaded it here for you to download. 

See you soon
Phil Stirpé
"I don't do average!"

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