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How can you convert an MOD file from your video camera into an AVI file for editing?

In this short video, I am going to show you how simple it is to convert an MOD movie file taken from your video camera and convert it into an AVI file so that you can edit it.

You can read the transcript below.

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I use Camtasia Studio a great deal for editing videos and post production.

Unfortunately, Camtasia Studio is unable to open the MOD files produced by my video camera,

In the past, I have opened the MOD file in Movie Maker and then exported it. However, I find this process too time consuming.

I have recently discovered a tool called WinFF.

It is freely downloadable and is perfect for converting your MOD files to AVI.

To convert your MOD file, you simply add it into WinFF and then specify which format you would like to convert to.

Once you have picked your preset such as Widescreen, you are good to go.

Click the Convert button and let it run.

The program shells out to the command line and you will see it report as it converts frame by frame.

Depending on the size of the file, this process could take several minutes so feel free to do something else while you wait.

For example, this 620 MB file took around 10 minutes to convert.

It is worth pointing out here that if you have several files to convert, you could have WinFF convert them all in a batch.

Once completed, you will be prompted to press a key to continue.

As you can see, an AVI file has been produced.

The original MOD file is 612 MB while the newly converted AVI file is only 84.7 MB.

Let me jump into Camtasia Studio to add in the newly converted media.

As it is now in AVI format, Camtasia Studio will quite happily open it so that you can begin editing.

So there you go. Using WinFF, it really is very simple to convert your MOD files into AVI.

There are plenty of other tools available, but this one suits me fine.

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See you soon

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