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How do you remove a NuGet package in Visual Studio 2012?

This another in a brand new series of videos that I am producing for my new YouTube channel HowDoYouDoStuff.

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In this video, I show you how to  remove a NuGet package from your project in Visual Studio 2012.

You can read the transcript below.

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In this video, I am going to show you how simple it is to remove a Nuget package from your project in Visual Studio 2012.
Although I am using Visual Studio 2012, the process is almost identical in 2010.
NewGet is a Visual Studio extension that provides a delivery mechanism to add packages stored in the cloud into your projects.
Typically, removing a component from your project would involve removing a reference and deleting one or more files. You might also have to remove some configuration.
NuGet manages this whole process for you.
You launch NuGet either by right-clicking the References node in your project and selecting Manage NuGet Packages or by selecting the same option from the Tools \ Library Package Manager menu.
The NuGet window lists any packages that have already been installed and will let you check online for additional packages to install.
To uninstall a package, locate it in the installed packages tab and then click it's Uninstall button.
I'm going to uninstall the RouteDebugger package.
The package uninstalls quickly.
To see what has happened, I'll expand the References node.
As you can see, the reference to the RouteDebugger component is no longer present.
Furthermore, if I open the web.config file, you can see that there is no longer an entry for the RouteDebugger in the appSettings section. This has been removed.
Finally, if I open the Solution folder in Windows Explorer and check in Packages, there is no longer a RouteDebugger package present.
There you have it.
In this video, I have shown you how easy it is to remove a NuGet package from your Visual Studio 2012 project. This method can remove all traces of a package including references, physical files and also configuration.

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