Friday, 1 March 2013

How do you zoom in when recording a YouTube video?

This another in a brand new series of videos that I am producing for my new YouTube channel HowDoYouDoStuff.

A channel dedicated to short videos on how to do stuff.

In this video, I am going to show you how simple it is to zoom in when recording a YouTube video.

You can read the transcript below.

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In this video, I am going to show you how simple it is to zoom in when recording a YouTube video.
When recording demos for YouTube videos (or any tutorial video for that matter), it often helps the viewer if you can zoom into the area of the screen that you are working on.
There are a number of techniques to do this and I'm going to show you the one that I use a lot.
It is to use a tool called ZoomIt.
You can download ZoomIt quite easily.
Just fire up your browser and search for "sysinternals zoomit".
The first link is the one that you need.
Sysinternals is a group of tools available from Microsoft for use with Windows.
The latest version is 4.2.
You just click on this link to download it.
My browser is offering to run or save the file.
I'm going to save the file so that I have a copy to use elsewhere.
I'm going to save it to the Desktop because that is where I like to keep Zoomit. This is mainly because I use it when creating tutorials on the Desktop.
It doesn't take long to download and if I drag in this window, you can see that it has been saved to my Desktop.
If I open the zip file, you will see that it contains the Zoomit.exe file. This isn't an installer, it is simply the app so all I have to do is drop this file onto my Desktop and I am good to go.
Now all I have to do is remember to double-click the icon to launch ZoomIt whenever I am about to deliver a demo or record a tutorial.
When zoomit launches, you will see this dialog telling  you about the keyboard shortcuts.
The standard zoom feature is activated by pressing Ctrl-1. This is a simple read only zoom for when you want to show off some small detail.
There is also LiveZoom which is activated by pressing Ctrl-4. This is useful if you want to zoom in on an area but want to continue doing something such as typing some code or adjusting a property.
Let me jump into Expression Blend to simulate a demo.
I have just drawn a Button control and want to set its properties in the XAML code.
Now if I press Ctrl-1, I can zoom in to show you the detail which is great in many situations. You can now read the code more clearly but I am not able to interact with the UI whilst zoomed.
If that's what I need then I need to activate the LiveZoom mode. I'll just press Esc to leave Zoom mode.
Now let's say that I want to update the Content property of the Button control whilst zoomed in. I just need to press Ctrl-4 on the keyboard and ZoomIt zooms in to where my mousepointer is located. Furthermore, you can see the blinking insertion point which means that I am free to type and change this property value to "OK".
Another useful feature when in zoomed mode is to zoom in or out further. There are keyboard short cuts for this too. Ctrl-Up arrow to zoom in more and Ctrl-Down to zoom out again.
When I want to leave the LiveZoom mode, I can't press Esc like before. This time, I must use Ctrl-4 again.
There you have it.
In this video, I have shown you how easy it is to zoom in when recording a YouTube video by using a tool named ZoomIt.

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