Sunday, 26 January 2014

Apply a transparency to a Text Box in Powerpoint

This is another in a series of videos that I am producing for my YouTube channel HowDoYouDoStuff.

In this video, I am going to show you how to apply a transparency to a Text Box in Powerpoint

You can read the transcript below.

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Hi guys

I'm Phil Stirpe

In this video go to show you how to apply transparency to a text box in PowerPoint.

This the kind of thing you might want to do if you want to add watermark effect.

So here is an off-the-shelf presentation template from PowerPoint.

Now if I go and insert text box, put in my text, and boost my size a bit, let's imagine this is my watermark.

Now if you go looking for transparency you will find it hard to locate.

In fact if you select the text box itself you will never find it.

What you need to do is select the text within the control.

PowerPoint struggles if there aren't any spaces.

For example if I right click this text you can see that I'm offered add to dictionary

If I add in a space and try again you will see that I am now offered Format Text Effects.

I'll just remove the space and try again and hope that PowerPoint will still give me the option. And it does.

If I select Format Text Effects and select Text Fill, there I will find Transparency.

I will type in 50% and click the Close button.

As you can see I now have some semi-opaque text.

Incidentally if I select the text and choose Format from the menu and look for Format Text Effects you will see that Transparency is not available

You must do it by right clicking the text itself and using the context menu.

There you go that's how easy it is to apply transparency to a text box in PowerPoint

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See you soon

Phil Stirpé
"I don't do average!"

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