Wednesday, 29 January 2014

How do you download and install Eclipse for Java development

This is another in a series of videos that I am producing for my YouTube channel HowDoYouDoStuff.

In this video, I am going to show you how to download and install Eclipse for Java development

You can read the transcript below.

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Hi guys. I'm Phil Stirpe.

In this video, I am going to show you how simple it is to download and install Eclipse for Java development.

In an earlier video, I showed you how easy it is to write a simple class and compile it from the command line. However, it is more common for developers to use an integrated development environment - IDE such as Eclipse.

It is for that reason, that I am demonstrating how to download and install it today.

I'll start by jumping into a browser and searching for Eclipse EE downloads. EE stands for Enterprise Edition. There are several editions and the EE edition is suited to a wide range of application types including web applications.

I'll follow the suggested link and find a page that lists a variety of editions and versions. They also vary by Windows architcture. i.e. 32bit or 64 bit.

You can see here that there is an edition named Eclipse IDE for Java Developers. This is a nice light weight edition to get started but as I am involved in creating a wide variety of application types, I am going to need the EE edition.

Incidentally, you can see here that this version is named Juno. In fact, since recording the screen for this demo some months back, a new version has been released named Kepler.

And should you require an earlier version, you can search for it by name. For instance, the version before Juno was named Indigo and I would like to install that version for a course I am delivering.

So let me nip back to Google and update my search to specify Indigo. Sure enough, there is a link shown for the correct page.

I still want the Enterprise Edition and for 64bit Windows.

So if I click on that link, I am taken to the next page where I will find the download button.

I am now offered the standard download dialog so that I can select Save As. I'll place the download in my demo folder.

Due to the size of the file, it will take some time to download. According to this, it will take just under 10 minutes.

So I'll skip ahead to the end.

Ten minutes later....

So now that the installer has been downloaded, I can switch to the folder that I placed it in.

I'll right click the file and unzip it to the root of C:

This too takes a few minutes, so I'll skip to the end.

5 minutes later ...

Now this installer wasn't really an installer at all.

It was simply a zip file that when extracted gives you a folder named eclipse containing the application and its resources.

The application file is this one named eclipse which I will pin to my task bar.

From there, I'll click the icon to run it.

I'll click on the Run button on this security dialog to proceed.

And as you can see, Eclipse is now launching.

As Eclipse launches, it prompts you for a workspace. This is essentially a working directory. It can in fact change from session to session. Or perhaps if you share a computer, different developers might use different workspaces.

For now, I'll create a workspace within my Java Demo folder on the Desktop. By the way, it needn't be named Workspace.

Once Eclipse has launched, you are presented with the Welcome page. From here you can access samples, tutorials and some documentation.

I'll jump straight into the workbench by clicking this icon here.

The workbench comprises several windows such as the Project Explorer, Markers and Outline and we'll see more of them in future demos and videos.

But for now, that is all we have time for.

Eclipse is clearly working.

There you have it.

In this video, I have shown you how easy it is to download and install Eclipse for Java development.

Thanks for watching and please feel free to comment on my blog ( and Facebook page ( Perhaps you could suggest more video topics? Most of all, don't forget to subscribe to keep up with my videos as I release them.

Bye for now.

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See you soon

Phil Stirpé
"I don't do average!"

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